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Brightn Optic Defogger

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It's never been this easy to keep your glasses fog free. Just a few drops of Brightn Optic Defogger keeps your glasses clear, no matter the condition. 
  • Keep your glasses fog free, with or without a mask

  • Won't damage your glasses coatings, including AR.

  • Can last up to 2 weeks per application

The big problem.


Hot air from your breath can cause your glasses to fog. Masks are helping keep everyone safer, but they have a flaw: they force your breath upwards. Now your glasses go from helping you, to hurting you.


How do I use it?

Getting started with Brightn couldn't be easier.

Quick clean.

Give you lenses a quick clean.

Drop it.

Put a few drops of Brightn on each lens and let it sit.

See clearly.

You start to see clearly and forget foggy glasses was even a problem.

At home remedies just don't compare.

Brightn beats out any at home soap or shaving cream trick.

See why 15K people trust

 Brightn Optic Defogger.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Brightn wants to keep you seeing at your best so you don't have to worry about anything except what's in front of you. If for some reason a Brightn solution doesn't work the way you were hoping for, send it back and we will give you a 100% refund. Making your life simplier is our greatest goal; and it always will be.


A solution for everyone.

Brightn Optic Defogger Package | 45mL

Now $23.99 ($7.99 Each)

Brightn Optic Defogger Package XL | 75mL

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Now $11.99

Now $23.99 ($7.99 each)

Now $34.99 ($6.80 each)


How long does it last?

This solution can last up to 2-3 weeks if you do not touch or clean your glasses.

How does it work?

The solution works be preventing surface tens that's common in water molecules. This prevents water form clumping up on your lens to form fog and droplets.  

Can it damage my lens coatings?

The solution will NOT damage any coatings like Anti-Reflective (AR), anti-smudge, or super hydrophobic repellents. 

How long does it take to ship?

We typically allow two days for processing and 4-6 days for US shipping. For international orders, expect standard shipping times of 10-18 business days.