How to Keep Glasses From Fogging Up With A Mask

It's time to hit the grocery store and you decide to wear your mask to be on the safe side and what happens the minute you strap your protection over your face? Your glasses fog up from your mask! It's annoying and instead of worrying about what's in front of you, you end up worrying about your lenses. 

So today, we are going to dive into the paid and at-home solutions you have to stop your glasses from fogging up with your face mask. 

How to Stop Glasses From Fogging with Mask with glasses anti fog glasses antifog wipes how to keep glasses from fogging up

First Off, What Causes Fog?

The short answer is the temperature difference. When the warm air from your breath leaves your mouth or nose and connects with your cooled lenses, it can cause fog to form. 

Okay, so how do you keep glasses from Fogging Up While Wearing Your Mask?

Fog has been around for ages and Doctors have been dealing with the problem ever since they started using the masks. Let's break down a few options we can use.

1. Work on the Fit

Lots of masks are coming with built-in metal clips that help stop your breath from moving upwards. While it's usually not possible to block all of the air from moving upward, using these metal bands typically help prevent some fogging. 

2. Use Tape

Tape is a great way to help keep your mask pressed against your face. Think of this as helping the mask's metal clip stay pressed against your face. The goal of the tape is to keep more of your breath from hitting your glasses.

3. Use An Anti Fog Solution

When it comes to seeing crystal clear, anti-fog solutions are the most powerful option.

The Brightn Optic Defogger is the strongest and most effective of our choices. It's not free, but it outperforms all of our home remedies and anti-fog wipes, especially on AR coated lenses. The solution is safe for AR coated lenses and can last up to two weeks per application. If you want to remove the solution from your lenses, a quick wash with soap and water removes all history of the solution. 

Pick up Brightn's Optic Defogger here

How to Stop Glasses From Fogging How to Keep Glasses From Fogging Up Mask with Glasses Anti Fog Glasses

How About Home Solutions? 

We've done a bunch of testing around the common online home remedies like shaving cream and dish soap. For the most part, these solutions work on glasses that DO NOT have exterior coatings. These glasses might include disposable or plastic lenses or construction optics. The home remedies typically have a more difficult time attaching to optical coatings and thus don't work all that well for preventing fog. 

We did a small test video showing the difference in effectiveness between the Brightn solution and shaving cream.